DAN MARTIN MCSP SRP: Head of Physiotherapy and Medical Services – Bristol RFC.

Dan-Martin-1 Andy has been an excellent team player within our rugby environment. He demonstrates a high level of handling skills and has contributed toward our proactive player management.
He is well disciplined and shows excellent communication skills that are needed to work within the elite sporting environments.’

MARK LILLEY: Bristol RFC – Rugby Player

marklilley Rugby is a very physically demanding sport so recovery is key to be at your best for training/matches every week and to stay injury free.  A weekly massage with Andy has benefited me massively in my aid to recovery and to stay injury free.  Andy’s knowledge of both the game and the body go hand in hand to make sure that I’m at my best.

JADE GARRETT: Ironman Competitor

jadegarrett At the start of 2011 I decided to compete in Ironman UK in July. I started with very limited knowledge of what was needed to finish an Ironman and the extent of training that was required.
After a few months of training my legs and lower back where getting very sore/fatigued so I decided a massage was needed. I went to see Andy not having had a sport massage before, so I didn’t know what to expect.
After having a consultation with Andy, he understood what my triathlon fatigue body required from a massage. I left my first massage feeling very tired, but the next day I was pleasantly surprised to not have tight I.T. bands and my back felt supple. From that day forward I would go every week, Andy really did put my health and well being first.
I completed my Ironman in 12hr 10 mins and came second in my age group. To my utter shock I gained a spot in the 2011 Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. So my training carried on and so did my massages with Andy, by this point he understood my body and the parts that got tight and what was needed to keep me training 20+ hours a week.
If I didn’t have Andy for both Ironman’s I would have suffered and therefore may have not gained my places and times. Please don’t hesitate with taking Andy on as your masseuse, he is simply the best.

GREG MANSELL : Racing Driver and Pro Cyclist

greg_web_portrait I have worked with many Physios over the years in my career as a Racing Driver and also currently as a Pro cyclist.
Andy Stokes helped me while doing the ‘Trois Etapes’ team race in France. I really enjoyed working with him, he was professional but yet great fun and helped motivate me.
He has great knowledge in his field and managed to help me rebuild my body after a big crash while still competing at a high level. I rate Andy as one of the top Physios I have worked with and look forward to working with him again in the future.